John Moudakis: International Consultant

John has developed and started up various training projects around the world. His style, relationship-building capacities and ability to “understand the business” have earned him a highly-valued reputation worldwide!

John Moudakis: International Consultant - Montreal

In Canada, John is Acting Director, Education and Training for an Urban Transit Association. In this project, John is managing relationships with members across Canada and overseas, and acts as an ambassador for the organization's training programs and other consulting projects. John also leads the financial initiatives for the division, motivates the local team and creates new sales leads with the objective to increase revenues for the Education and Training division.

John Moudakis: International Consultant - London

In London, John was part of a team of management consultants in setting up a new Training Service for a large Healthcare project that was won by his client. This London-based Training Service that John managed trained more than 400 participants and ran over 20 courses on a monthly basis.

John Moudakis: International Consultant - Montreal

In Montreal, John worked closely with the Director of Client Relations in developing and managing the growth of a North American-based Education Services group. The Education Services group of this organization had approximately 12 instructors based across North America and managed the master schedule for over 30 courses per month.

John Moudakis: International Consultant - Canada

In Toronto, John delivered a programme focusing on a lecture series for one of his Montreal-based interior design clients.

John Moudakis: International Consultant - Canada

In Montreal, John was part of an IT-outsourcing project for a major Canadian airline and managed the IT training for staff located at 5 airports across the country.

John Moudakis: International Consultant - London

In Brussels, John developed the work processes needed to open a new Training Centre for his European client. This Training Centre employed 3 full-time employees and served the organization’s European offices.

John Moudakis: International Consultant - UK

In Belfast, John managed the logistics and implementation of a large civil service training project. All events and workshops took place throughout Northern Ireland. The client benefited from the impressive reports John designed and significantly improved the statistical reporting to the Management team.

John Moudakis: International Consultant - London

John has also managed and coordinated a series of Webinars where he had participants from all over the world on a single virtual training session!


John enjoys manages the entire life cycle of a project. Right from the start, the client is involved with the approach of the project. John partners with his client so they work together to achieve the scope of the project and ensures the client reaps the benefits when the project successfully comes to a close.

John believes that developing relations and quality delivery is the key to a successful project.


"I have especially enjoyed working with John Moudakis and the Education Department staff this fall. John stepped into a demanding job when he took on the Acting Director position and he has maintained training momentum and a professional team where everyone’s expertise is respected and utilized. I appreciated his “hands on “ approach and was a flexible, perceptive and highly organized leader of the Dubai Project this fall." - Toronto, Canada

“When contact made with John, the organization of training for my team was excellent” - Belfast, Northern Ireland

“John shows a great attention to detail and it is clear he can devise, implement and operate systems to support wide ranging programmes/projects. John also pays a good deal of attention (on his own direction) to strategic matters with an eye to improving what is already in existence. His approach when dealing with people is positive and professional.” - Southampton, England

“When faced with a Canada-wide initiative like a Project Management Certification event, John was able to obtain the help of others in Toronto that weren’t even assigned to the project to get the job done. I was very impressed about how he got people on site to collaborate and deliver, even when he was in Montreal.” - Calgary, Canada

“John is a superb communicator and facilitator. All training arranged by John has been superbly organised and instructions were clear and precise.” - London, England

“I truly appreciate the excellent work John is doing on the Role-Based Training project. He is VERY organized and prompt in the tasks he has to do. He is proactive and has such a great way to make us (the instructors) feel that everything is under control.” - Moncton, Canada

“I see it. Wonder why the wonderfully friendly little application didn't show these to us yesterday when we did the same steps? Must be John's magic. Looks great!” - Seattle, USA

“John is currently working with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and membership items and he is an excellent source of information.” - Ottawa, Canada

“Un gros merci pour l'assistance que vous m'avez fournie ces dernières semaines. Votre aide m'a été très précieuse.” - Brussels, Belgium